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List of menu categories

    • Bread with alioli and olives V

      4.00 €

    • Labneh

      with beetroot, mint, garlic, semi-dried tomato, pine nuts and sunflower seeds with naan bread V

      21.00 €

    • Artichoke flower

      with tomato sauce and roasted garlic with tallegio cheese cream, sunflower seeds and sunflower seeds pesto V

      18.00 €

    • `Bellota` ham with olive bread and tomato

      38.00 €

    • Pizzeta

      with grapes, stracciatella, smoked mozzarella, red onion, oregano, nuts, rocket sprouts and harissa V

      16.00 €

    • Roasted aubergine carpiccio

      cherry tomatoes, feta cheese pomegranate, dates, pistachio and rocket pesto with naan bread, tahini sauce and chilli oil VV

      21.00 €

    • Baked Camembert cheese

      with homemade Atzaró orange marmalade and pistachio and cherry sauce V

      19.00 €

    • Padron peppers VV

      14.00 €

    • Buffala ricotta and spinach ravioli

      with homemade tomato sauce and rocket pesto with nuts and parmesan V

      22.00 €

    • Tofu and artichoke ravioli

      wiith pumpkin and sage sauce VV

      21.00 €

    • Aubergine stuffed

      with beef and lamb meat, honey, chili, spices with creamy yogurt and tahini sauce

      24.00 €

    • Lamb chops

      with baby potatoes from Ibiza, peppers and garlic

      24.00 €

    • Mushroom and asparagus lasagne with truffle oil V

      22.00 €

    • Beef burger

      with ibiza paprika cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickeld cabbage and homemade fries with mustard sauce

      21.00 €

    • White bean burger with shitake, leek and quinoa

      with sweet potato VV

      19.00 €

    • French fries VV

      5.00 €

    • Fried sweet potato VV

      5.00 €

    • Green salad VV

      5.00 €

    • `Aubergine by Atzaró` cheesecake

      with mango and passion fruit

      12.00 €

    • Chocolate and pistachio brownie

      with vanilla ice cream V

      10.00 €

    • Appel tart tatin

      with vanilla ice cream and cream V

      12.00 €

    • Cherry crumble VV

      12.00 €

    • Kale salad

      endives, red cabbage, celery, pear, pomegranate with lemon, dates and ginger dressing VV

      18.00 €

    • Pumpkin salad

      with feta cheese, tomatoes, pistachios, black sesame and Dijon vinaigrette V

      21.00 €

    • Duck confit salad

      roated grapes, spring onions, pomegranate, orange and croutons with peanut dressing, tamari, honey, citrus and ground chilli

      28.00 €

    • Salmon Koflas

      with apple ztaziki sauce and Greek salad "horiatiki"

      22.00 €

    • Free-range chicken breast with homemade fries

      12.00 €

    • Pasta with homemade tomato sauce V

      12.00 €

    • Beefburger 125gms

      with lettuce, tomato, cheese and french fries

      12.00 €

    • Children's Vegan Hamburger VV

      12.00 €

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Information is available about the presence of allergens. V: Vegetarian VV: Vegetarian with vegan option

Updated on March 22, 2023